la-iniciacion-cristianaLas clases de RICA (catequesis para adultos)  comenzaran el 25 de Septiembre después de la Misa de la 1pm en el salón 17.


Catholic Formation by Fr. Marcus Pollard

About fifty years ago, the Church made clear that parents were the first teachers of the faith for their children. Then and olol_formed_orgnow many parents may have heard those words, but were not sure what they meant.

Additionally, the Church also began to teach clearly that the faithful were the first missionaries of the Faith to the world. Both when those words were said and today, this is a concept that is difficult for most Catholics. To continue reading – Click here

mother teresa1Statement of Bishop Paul Loverde on the Canonization of Mother Teresa

September 2, 2016

ARLINGTON, Va.  – The Most Reverend Paul S. Loverde, Bishop of Arlington, released the following statement today:

“Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who will soon be canonized as a saint September 4, 2016, is a model for us, identifying with the poor and seeing Christ in every needy person regardless of their state, nationality, religion or physical condition. She saw God’s image in each one.  Saint Teresa is also a model of fidelity to God despite the inner struggles she dealt with. She never wavered. She spent time in adoration before the Lord every day.  And as we continue our journey in the Jubilee of Mercy, we see a saint who expressed God’s mercy embracing her, and making that mercy tangible and felt by reaching out to the needy, and to the poorest of the poor.”

Catechist Training – August 2016


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