Catholic Formation by Fr. Marcus Pollard

About fifty years ago, the Church made clear that parents were the first teachers of the faith for their children. Then and now many parents may have heard those words, but were not sure what they meant.

olol_formed_orgAdditionally, the Church also began to teach clearly that the faithful were the first missionaries of the Faith to the world. Both when those words were said and today, this is a concept that is difficult for most Catholics.

2000 years ago, Jesus chose twelve men. After three years with Him and after His death and resurrection, He sent them out into the world. Jesus needed three years with them to form them. To do so, He had them with Him continually, in the street, in many people’s homes, in various cities and villages, in the wilderness, in the synagogues and in the Temple in Jerusalem. Where ever Jesus was, the Apostles were with Him.

As His Apostles, they were first and foremost His students. This is what it means to be a disciple, a student.  He was to them the teacher of God’s word, of God’s wisdom, and of all matters concerning the kingdom of God. Jesus taught both by word and by His example how they could continue His work in the world.

Today, we need the same education or formation. We also need to learn the Faith, how to live and how to explain and share that faith with others.

Consequently, after hearing the urging of the bishop’s office to the pastors of our diocese, I subscribed our parish to a Catholic program, web site and internet library called “FORMED.”

After years of development FORMED, which comes from the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado, has gathered an enormous collection of the finest Catholic adult and youth faith formation material available on the Internet. It has a variety of books, movies, talks that span the whole of the Christian life and the Catholic Faith.

My plan is that we use FORMED as a central feature in the parish’s faith formation programs. Hence, I will be gathering with the various groups in the parish to see how FORMED can become a valuable resource for them.

FORMED is also available to everyone in the parish. To access the site and its material you will need to register.

To do so go to: .

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